A Quilting-Filled Weekend

Somehow, within a couple of days, I have managed to write a draft of my upcoming thesis presentation while making respectable progress on my quilting and knitting endeavors. Having finished the borders on my first lucky penny quilt, I’m now trying out the more improvisational interpretation. Here’s what I have so far005:

Now, as I said, I’m no expert on curved seaming so I’m consideirng this a learning process. Ironically, the whole ‘improv’ curved seaming idea is even harder. These two ‘pennies’ took me a couple solid hours and far from perfect. But, like I said, hopefully my technique will improve by the time the quilt is completed.

I also took a couple hours to make a random little quilted bowl to keep my actual lucky pennies in. Yes, this is the sort of thing I do for fun on a Saturday afternoon. Every now and then, you just have to throw something together without getting caught up in the technicalities. So, it’s a lumpy, uneven little bowl, but I love it all the same.



Thanks to a little trip to Newbury St. (which included some serious damage at Anthropologie where I found several irresistably adorable sweaters) and some time spent riding on the T, I’ve also made decent progress on the slow-going lollipop scarf. It nearly wraps around my neck now!006

Now, I do accomplish more than academia and crafting (sort of) and also made it to EVOO this weekend, a true restaurant gem in Somerville, MA. Now, I have to admit that L’Espalier, the culinary experience I was so sure wouldn’t disappoint…. it disappointed big time. Presumably due to the new location, what was once Boston’s finest restaurant has really lost its charm. The service was terrible (as in the waitress spilled a pricy bottle of red wine without even apologizing) and even the food was mediocre. EVOO, on the other hand, is an old reliable. The constantly changing menu features seasonal, local foods and is set at $35 prix fix, though is arguably worth a whole lote more. This time of year, the menu is loaded with pumpkin, squash and other delicious fall flavors. Definitely worth a visit.


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