1 Mitten, 3 Pennies… and more

Well I’ve managed to fit in a pretty impressive amount of crafting within the past week. First of all, I finally began entrelac scarf/shawl/blanket number three. Yes, they are time-consuming and tedious… but so worth it. Honestly, when I finished my first one I swore I’d never do it again (entrelac is very inefficient) but something keeps drawing me back. Actually, a part of me even likes entrelac now… not totally sure how that happened.  

You’d thinking, having spent months of my life working on the previous two scarves, that I’d remember how to the entrelac fairly quickly. Not so. It’s rather confusing, but once I got back into the groove, I was fine. I even managed to knit while ‘reading’ Chomsky for Linguistics class… Not necessarily the best combination but, believe me, it’s hard not to feel like reading Chomsky is a total waste of time unless you’re being productive in another way.


It’s Baby Alpaca Grande by Plymouth Yarns which, I admit, I have more than a mild obsession with. Seriously, this has to be the yummiest, softest yarn on the planet.

I also made a mitten because, well, it occured to me that I don’t have a good pair of winter mittens and it’s getting a little bit colder every day. Now, I’m kind of a fan of the whole scrappy aesthetic so I decided to draw on my stash and available needles (rather limited since I’m at the dorm). I have to admit, having just bought enough baby alpaca to make a giant entrelac scarf served as extra motivation to be financially responsible. So, the only full set of double pointed needles I have is in a size 9, and the only appropriate yarn… not really that appropriate, chunky Cascade wool. But, determined to make even the slightest pretense of being economically responsible, I made do. The good news is, knitting chunky wool on size 9s is sort of like felting… the result is a pretty tight, thick fabric that will definitely keep my fingers warm.


This took approximately… 3, 4 hours (?) so mitten number two should be here shortly!

As for the patchworking side of things, I managed to complete three more ‘lucky pennies’ for my quilt. I’d like to say that I am now a pro at curved seaming, that it got eachier with each penny. Unfortunately, this is not the case, and though I’d love to keep practicing… well I’m kind of anxious to get to progress. I really love the improvisational-style quilting. Though curved seaming is… a good experience, I need a little break.


And believe it or not, I have managed one more crafty endeavor, one that is quite practical if I do say so myself. I’ve had this Marc Jacobs hoodie for quite a well, but find that I don’t really wear it all that much. There could be two reasons: 1. I’m a sweater girl 2. the buttons. See, I have this aversion to metalic accessories on clothing, and though the hoodie itself is superwarm and cozy, it has these ugly gold buttons.


As fate would have it, I had the brilliant idea of replacing these with putting fabric-covered buttons (another mild obsession of mine) and, low and behold, discovered that I had exactly 7 fabric-covered buttons just waiting to be covered in fabric! Perfect. So I covered each in a different fabric (naturally) and made the switch.



Much more me. Perhaps I’ll actually wear it now!

This weekend I’m off to Saratoga Springs, New York… not entirely sure why, something about bar-hopping for charity which my boyfriend is extremely enthused about. There are fabric and yarn stores in Saratoga, I’ve already checked.


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