Saratoga Springs and Sushi

Well, I have to admit, despite my skepticism, Saratoga Springs was wonderful. Who knew that New York contained such an intriguing suburban town? The city center is full of unique, boutiquey stores and restaurants. We had a tasty lunch at Circus Cafe ( and began the pub crawl around 2 o’clock. Now, this involved twelve bars in about six hours and a glass and a half wine is more than enough to get me tipsy. Which means that pub crawling involved a whole lot of sparkling water (not a bad deal since Saratoga Springs makes its own sparkling water) but I did try some delicious pumpkin beer at Saratoga City Tavern ( and started drinking Amaretto Sours toward the end. Around 6 o’clock, my boyfriend sufficiently full of beer, I took a quick bar break to buy a gorgeous jacket by An Ren, a New York designer I’d never heard of before but who apparently makes unique and lovely clothing. My very understanding boyfriend (again, full of beer) agreed to go in on half since, well, it wasn’t exactly within my budget…

Anyway, the other great thing about Saratoga Springs is that it’s about 2 and a half hours away (two hours when you gun it 100 mph in a Range Rover) which means LOTS OF TIME TO KNIT! Therefore, I made pretty impressive progress on my entrelac scarf:


I also made the sporadic decision to insert random red squares into the mix. I think it gives the otherwise straightforward pattern a little pizaz. In fact, it’s given me other interesting ideas of things to do with entrelac, but one step at a time.

Sunday night my family celebrated my younger brother and sister’s birthdays (they are born only one day apart). We ate Dabin, an amazing sushi place in Lexington, and rented out two of those shoeless, sliding-door rooms (I don’t know how else to describe them!) The food was fabulous but the best part was seeing my entire family after far too long. I come from a truly love-filled and lively family, it’s definitely good for the soul to spend as much time with them as possible. I gave my sister, Z (incidentally my best friend in the whole world) one of those giant stuffed squishables ( It was hard to choose so I opted for the leopard.

 My brother, Gordon (or more commonly Gdon) finally got the pair of fingerless gloves that I finished about a month ago. He’d picked up the yarn himself, Classic Elite’s waterlily. I must have restarted those gloves about 5 times before I felt like I was getting the right gauge. Even then, I was worried they might not fit, but they looked great!


I know, he’s a stud. And was turning 18 but sorry ladies, has a girlfriend. In fact, I’d like to take this opportunity say a little more about Gdon. He’s an all around awesome guy but this past summer, well, really stepped it up a notch when he asked to learn how to knit. You can imagine how more than willing I was to teach him. Turns out, he’s a natural and though the busy life of a senior in high school (headed to Princeton next fall) isn’t amenable to lots of knitting (then again, enither is the busy life of a senior in college but I have an addiction) he still squeezes it in every now and then. Right now he’s working on an orange cashmere hat and told me that he tries to do a row every night before bed. Hey, any amount of knitting is good knitting in my book.


Here’s a picture of him learning over the summer. My pride and joy. Gdon is also easily one of my favorite person to give knitted gifts to. The boy appreciates good yarn and natural fibers of all varieties. He even splurged on 2 bags of Classic Elite cashmere this summer which I’ll be turning into a hoodie, hopefully sooner rather than later! He also couldn’t get over the softness of my baby alpaca entrelac scarf. I knew that was the sort of thing Gdon would truly appreciate.

Anyway, such a fun weekend wasn’t really condusive to Monday morning work so… I quilted. My darling bunny Shuffle was not too happy about this since quilting all day means that my room ends up covered in vulnerable fabric and therefore Shuff is stuck in his cage whereas morning is usually play time. Sorry buddy. Anyway, I made some wonderful progress on my lucky penny quilt number two:


I’m pretty thrilled with how this is turning out, to be honest. I mean, it’s basically a free for all, but that’s the look I’m going for. And this baby won’t be lying perfectly flat any time soon but, again, that’s what I love about this type of carefree quilting. It’s fun and spontaneous and not all about the rules (sorry to all those hardcore quilters out there who would probably cringe at this rather whimsical construction technique). My goal is to get the top done by next Monday before I leave for Thanksgiving break. Though that sounds ambitious, I’m always pleasantly surprised by how much crafting I manage to squeeze in to every ounce of my free (not to mention not-free, hello knitting during lecture) time.


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