Alarming Productivity

Perhaps it’s the advancing Holiday season or excitement of Harvard-Yale this past weekend (though a football game seems like unlikely motivation for quilting) but I have been quite successful at completing my goal of finishing the quilt top… and then some. How silly of me to doubt the possibility. Come to think of it, Harvard-Yale might be to thank for at least some of my productivity. Thanks to what felt like sub-zero weather and the most painful wind chill I have ever experienced, I’ll admit I didn’t exactly stay for the entire game. After a couple hours of tailgating (read: drinking the most delicious hot chocolate on the planet) I may have spent the rest of the afternoon quilting… shameful but true. Don’t let this undermine my school spirit. I’m very proud of the Crimson victory! But I’m also proud I completed the front and back of my quilt and now have a week-long Thanksgiving break to stitch it all together. As I may have mentioned, thisis one of my favorite parts, there’s something so gratifying about the finishing touches. Imperfect curved seams aside, I’m really quite pleased with this one. It definitely captures what I was going for, but some of it’s also a little unexpected. That’s what I like about this kind of quilting. To (rather predictably) quote Forest Gump, “You never know what you’re gonna get.”



As I’ve mentioned, I believe that the back deserves some attention of its own. I had a vague idea of what I wanted to do in mind, but this end result sort of snuck up on me.


Forgive the less-than-ideal pictures. Dorm rooms aren’t known for their wide open spaces. The curved seams aren’t actually that off and the quilt top is not that lumpy, I swear! I couldn’t get a good enough angle to capture the entire quilt at once, and I had to lay the pieces out on my bumpy bed, hence he unevenness.

Of course, my mind is already swimming with new ideas, but my fabric stash is severely diminished (though this was the goal) so I might need to take a trip to the fabric store before embarking on my next quilting adventure. Not to mention Christmas gifts.

My entrelac scarf is really coming along as well, but I have to admit I was alarmed to discover it is only half the required length. There’s still a lot more to be done. Lollipop scarf is on hold until I can find more Classic Elite Lush (the closest yarn store is out of stock) but I haven’t forgotten about it. Basically, Thanksgiving break (which officially starts tomorrow at 1 pm) looms ahead as a week full of delicious food and delicious crafting.

As for fine dining, BK and I decided to celebrate our own Thanksgiving (since he will be with his family on the actual day) at Olives, a Todd English restaurant in Charlestown. It was lovely, of course, especially the maple glazed pumpkin side and chestnut ravioli… but out hearts still belong to EVOO (and of course BGood) above all else.


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