Spreading the Scarf (and Christmas) Joy

Again, there’s been lots of Christmasy crafting which I cannot share here… but in the holiday spirit, I decided to spread the joy of my giant entrelac scarves. They’re warm, they’re comforting, and since they don’t really match anything, they actually match everything… a perfect way to capture the Christmas mood.

My family had our annual Christmas brunch at Upstairs on the Square today, which always includes a serenade by the wonderful Harvard Krokodilo acapella group. It’s one of my fondest memories of this time of year, since I was young enough to be ordering smoked salmon and bagels, drinking orange juice rather than bellinis. Their version of Loch Lomond brings tears to my eyes pretty much every time I hear it and today was no exception. I also decided that this would be the perfect opportunity to model my beloved scarves. And since I have three lovely scarves and two lovely sisters (plus myself)…


It’s important to remember that just as significant as the knitting process is enjoying the knitted product, especially at this wintery time of year. It certainly motivates me to keep working on entrelac scarf number four! There was even some snow today, which didn’t exactly stick but it certainly contributed to the celebratory mood.  I spent the rest of the day making various kinds of holiday bark which I’ve distributed into Christmas tins (while watching the Muppet Christmas Carol) to give away as gifts, a relaxing and utterly fulfilling day!


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