Christmas Crafting

The holiday crafting just doesn’t end. First of all, though no fiber was involved, my sister and I finally finished our gingerbread house. It took several days since the icing had to cool in between. We used gum drops, snow cap chocolates and random little candies called ‘fruity pillow’ which I wouldn’t recommend eating… actually, I can’t imagine any of it tastes that good but it’s pretty fabulous if I do say so myself. And for the record, decorating with icing and candy is quite addictive. We had a hard time stopping ourselves which is why you can barely see the gingerbread underneath it all.


Perhaps next year we’ll make it from scratch, that would truly be in the salvaging spirit.

It turns out that Christmas Eve is perfect for crafting. It’s generally a calm, easygoing day, full of that lulling sense of subtle anticipation and no obligations at all… so I spent the morning making what I like to call Patchwork Pig.


I actually got the idea from a Martha Stewart magazine- I’ll admit it, I’m an admirer of Martha- but I’m not a big fan of following strict instructions so I improvised a bit. The red fabric is actually cut out from an Anthropologie sweater that I never wore- and I added the scraps just for fun. There’s even a little pipe cleaner in his tail to make it curly. He’s also quite small, about eight inches long, It’s like having  a little mascot. I realize that knitters/quilters don’t usually have mascots but I could start a trend. He embodies much of what I love about crafting- the use of leftover bits and pieces, the creation of something entirely unique- admittedly, he’s entirely ‘unnecessary’ as well but that’s also part of what makes crafting meaningful. We spend enough time doing things that simply have to be done. 

But that’s not all. Yesterday evening, while eating pick up food in front of the fire, I knit a hat. I’ve been meaning to get to this one for a while, it’s actually a Pam Allen design from the Classic Elite 2008 fall collection, using a discontinued color of their Aspen yarn. I love the stitch- Star stitch, it’s called- which makes for a wonderfully lace-like but chunky effect.


There it is on my darling sister Z, alway sa willing model. It was a quick and easy knit, and I’m thrilled to finally have a red hat! Pam is always full of good ideas, original but not too complicated to be usable and fun to make.

This wonderful Christmas morning I gave my Dad the original Lucky Penny Quilt, finally! I also gave my mom a quilted panel that I created a couple of weeks ago but haven’t been able to share until now:


It’s only a couple of feet long which means lots of little pieces that were a bit tricky to work with. She’s a landscape designer with a deep love of trees, so I thought this would be appropriate, something for her to hand on her study walls.

Finally, I finished my Improvisational Lucky Penny Quilt, and have slept with it the past couple of nights, it’s warm and wonderful.



I love finishing a quilt, finally being able to fold it, wrap up in it and toss it across a sofa or bed. That’s what they’re for as far as I’m concerned. The tactile joy of textiles is always forefront in my mind. Furthermore, finishing a quilt means being able to start another one guilt free. And those antique fabrics are calling my name… I’m considering a Log Cabin design but I haven’t settled on that just yet. I’m also intrigued by something truly scrappy- perhaps just little squares of many of different fabrics. It will come to me, for sure. Until then, there’s a holiday to enjoy and plenty of other crafty endeavors to keep me busy!


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  1. Z

    What an AMAZING gingerbread house. I mean that could be the best gingerbread house in the entire world. Perhaps pink Patchwork Pig (like that alliteration?) could live in it. He’d never go hungry, think about it…

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