Completing, Continuing, Mending… and My New Model

Thanks to the long drive to and from Jackson and a feverish spurt of determination to finish, entrelac scarf number four is complete! I can hardly believe how quickly it went. Since my sisters and I are only three, and it’s always a good idea to spice things up a bit, I thought I’d display this scarf on a different type of model:


That’s my darling Shuffle in his favorite little nook. He’s a thoroughly domestic bunny and enjoys the feeling of being wrapped up every now and then and I saw no reason why the entrelac joy shouldn’t be spread beyond the human world.  However, I’ll admit that this doesn’t exactly capture the scarf in its full glory (though he seemed to have enjoyed wearing it) so here’s another couple of shots:



I’m proud to say that I used up nearly every ounce of yarn (only some of the pink Cascade was leftover) so not only did I finish long before I expected to, I haven’t added to my already overly-abundant yarn stash. Unsurprisingly, I’ve already been wearing it around the house. My only difficulty now will be dividing my time between the four color options I now have. At the moment I have no plans for number five, but who knows…

I’ve also made respectable progress on the Log Cabin cardigan, considering how relentlessly tedious this intarsia work is. I’m getting into a bit of a groove, but I”ll admit the prospect of an entire sweater is still rather daunting and I’ve been considering switching over to stripes at some point- making it more of a Log Cabin border- so that I don’t end up with a project too intimidating to complete. Knitting should be fun after all! We’ll see, for now I”m dutifully continuing with the established pattern:


Last but not least, I mended my Patchwork Hat, a project I completed months ago. It’s very much in the salvaging spirit, a floppy hat made from leftover quilting fabrics that I wear all the time (in warmer weather):


There was a small tear that I had been meaning to mend for quite some time- and in honor of the New Year,  I decided to finally tackle it! It took about three minutes to fix and now my lovely hat is wearable once again. Also in the spirit of the New Year, I’m keeping in mind that delicate balance between the demands of my thesis and its impending deadline (the first draft is due on roughly two weeks) and my need to craft. This means that after a long morning of reading, writing, and editing, I’m looking forward to an afternoon with my antique fabrics.


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