According to, the temperature in good old Cambridge, MA is 17 degrees but ‘feels like’ 5. As far as I’m concerned, ‘feels like’ is all that matters. Yes, it is COLD. But no, it’s not so bad. In fact, this is great weather for knitters- and quilters for that matter- since it’s the perfect excuse to whip out all those bulky knit items that aren’t exactly practical most of the time. Of course, I’m living in my entrelac scarves (and the sweater sweater, which I’m wearing right now) but the frigid air and my drafty dorm room have also inspired me to resurrect a project from a couple of years ago, my “Smorgasbord Socks” made from Brown Sheep. They’ve been keeping my toes wonderfully warm.


I knit them while au pairing in France, in between spurts of chasing after little French kids. Of course, like any good knitted item, the memories of that summer are deeply embedded in them. And they’re sort of patchworky in their own right- the red heel is probably my favorite part:


The other nice thing about the freezing weather is that since I’m not exactly tempted to go outside, I’ve been making admirable progress on my Birds in the Air quilt. While the bulk of these past few days has been spent on my thesis (which I’ve managed to painfully cut down to the 75 page limit, hooray!) no one can produce quality writing without letting their brain rest. For me, brain resting means quilting and this Birds in the Air pattern is quite conducive to it. It’s very methodicial and orderly but challenging enough to not get borring. So I’ve been completing a square here and there and suddenly, to my delight, discovered I’d completed about 18 of them without even realizing it!


Yes, I need to learn how to orient my pictures but, nonetheless, this shot captures how the final pattern will work out. And I love it. I wasn’t sure how the different fabrics would visually interact, but I think the little bits of brown hold it all together. I’m still enthralled by these old fabrics and can’t stop wondering where they came from nor delighting in their uncanny combination in my quilt.

Finally, my “billboard” quilt will be getting a new edition soon. Even the cold can’t stop me from good food and last night I went to ‘o ya’  restaurant: There’s been quite a bit of hype about this place  (‘the best restaurant in the world’ according to Frank Bruni) and I have to admit, it was truly sublime. The food is a type of Japanese fusion- think foie gras sushi- and easily amongst the best I’ve ever had. That being said, the portions are small and the prices are high so I wouldn’t recommend going on an empty stomach, this place won’t exactly fill you up. Tonight will be a nice contrast; I’m fleeing the dorm for a little bit and heading back home to do a little cooking of my own. Pork, apple sauce, root vegetables, maybe even some peanut butter and jelly cookies… the type of hardy food that you need in this icy winter weather.


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  1. Nice. Erica told me about your blog. You can come knit me socks anytime you want. I just got back from PERU again lots of yarn and it was warmer there.

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