Time is a Funny Thing

If you had told me a month ago that by January 21st  I would hand in a full draft of my thesis and finish the top of  my Birds in the Air quilt (well, the first main portion of it) I wouldn’t have believed you. In fact, I would have felt overwhelmed at the prospect, sure that it couldn’t be done. Our notoriously overbooked society tends to run on the assumption that there’s never enough time. Well, as it turns out, sometimes there’s more than you think- a hopeful tidbit to keep in mind! Furthermore, sometimes having more than one thing to do is, dare I say it, helpful  Quilting was even more of a pleasure when it was a break from writing… and handing in my first draft called for a celebration so (since champagne is in short supply in dorm rooms) I quilted! I’ll admit it, my productivity also has to do with a fondness for waking up very early in the morning, a deeply ingrained preference that I inherited from my Dad. Either way, before you know it:


I’m truly pleased. The different weight fabrics made it nearly impossible to achieve 100% precise work that lies 100% flat. But that hasn’t devastated me in the past and it doesn’t really bother me now. It’s all about the fine line between good technique and creativity- not to mention fun! Now, the original Birds in the Air that inspired me was composed of identical blocks and the effect is quite different. I have to admit, I love how this turned out- the pattern can be read in two different ways if you look closely (either look for the squares or the diagonal bands).

Here’s the thing: it’s still too small by my standards (a quilt needs to be luxuriously large enough to wrap around your shoulders) but I’m fresh out of brown triangles. I’ve decided this is a wonderful dilemma. I’m going to take this as my opportunity to add my own flare, my own design. I love this deeply traditional base but I do think it calls for some innovation. A border of some sort, perhaps using the loner antique fabric that didn’t make it into the first pattern, perhaps not. Nothing too crazy since I love the design up to this point and don’t want to detract. It’s not an easy decision to make and not one that I want to rush it.

Fortunately, I have time to think it over since I’m off to Puerto Rico tomorrow for four days in the sunshine! To be fair, Cambridge has warmed up a bit- it is now 24 degrees, feeling like 13. But Puerto Rico is is 77 degrees and feels like 81. And though us knitters love the winter… we also love the sunshine. Not to mention pina coladas. We also don’t mind the absurdity of knitting on the beach- I completed an entire sweater during the week I spent in Hawaii. So since my quilting isn’t portable, I’m looking forward to a few days of devoted sockinette stitch. The Log Cabin cardigan is coming along nicely; the back is nearly finished.


I still stand by the stripes, they were the way to go. The alpaca is wonderfully soft, though lightweight enough to be wearable when Spring approaches. Speaking of seasonal transitions, I have not forgotten about my lollipop scarf, but running out of yarn put it on hold for a while. However, as with the brown triangles, I have come to consider this a fortunate occurence. After a couple of weeks of unsuccessfuly trying to track down matching Classic Elite Lush, I decided that this would be a transition scarf. In other words, I bought the colors of Lush that they DID have at my favorite yarn store, Wild and Woolly, and switched over:


The colors are rather appropriate since at this rate I probably won’t finish until the Spring though I started in the Fall. From dark to light: it makes perfect sense. I guess you could call it a Seasonal Lollipop Scarf. But for now, I’m escaping the reality of the seasons, and with these knitting projects in tote (and my Birds in the Air quilt in mind) I’m off to the beach!



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2 responses to “Time is a Funny Thing

  1. DOPE. I forgot to call you. Your now in PR ( don’t get a second degree sun burn like I did), enjoy the sun. Call me when you get back. I am going to a yarn tasting tonight. More to follow on that. Wow, if I lived in a dorm I would get alot done. But I have a lot to do, but Bacteriology, drawing, ceramics and all kinds of stuff has crept up. Oh! update R and add a pic. Call me when your back.

  2. Katie "Dutton" Simmons

    Hey Pippa!
    Autumn forwarded me your blog and I love it! I actually used the same “Birds in Air” block for one of the squares in my wedding quilt. How have you been? It sounds like you have been productive and having fun 😉

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