Patchworking it in Puerto Rico

Well this will be brief because, busy indulging in all this island has to offer, I haven’t exactly made enormous progress on my knitting. Now, that doesn’t mean I didn’t spend the entire flight over working on my Log Cabin sweater (while watching Ghost Town on the little airplane TV and inspiring the flight attendant to tell me his sweater size in case I was inspired to make him one) or that I haven’t been progressing on my Seasonal Lollipop Scarf during the half hour car rides here and there. I have, and both items are certainly coming along. More on that later.

Most importantly, I’ve been utterly enjoying my few academia-free days. I’ve been swimming in the ocean, lying in the sun, pleasure reading (‘Water for Elephants’ on my sister’s wise recommendation), hiking through the rain forest, drinking pina coladas at 10 in the morning and kayaking through bio-luminescent bays. The last one on the list was likely one of the most magical experiences I have ever had; imagine finding yourself  paddeling  in the pitch black through mangrove tree, into a lagoon through water that literally shimmers around you and under a sky glowing with every single star imaginable (two of which I saw fall; that has to be a good sign)…

I do have a craft-related point to make. I am pleased to announce that my patchwork creations looks just as good in the Carribean and I’ve been relying on my patchworky bag and hat while here, whether lounging on the beach during the day or dining in Old San Juan at night.


There I am in front of a  waterfall in El Yunque (also known as the rain forest). Like I’ve said before, it’s essential to celebrate the things you’ve made (both of these items are over a year old)! What better way to do so then bring said items along while traveling to remarkable places?

Overall, this trip has been good for the soul. Fresh air, ocean water, sunshine. I’m getting ready for one last fabulous Saturday night on the town; tomorrow afternoon, it’s back to reality. Unsurprisingly, I’m already planning my Spring Break return (I should mention that my boyfriend works here Monday through Friday thus staying expenses are rather low, an additional perk). But no matter where I am or what I’m doing, patchwork is never far from my heart.


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  1. WOW that is so cool. I hadn’t the chance to go to bio-luminescent bays, but I loved San Juan…. It is so nice. I am happy you got some relax time.

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