Pillow Patchwork… and lots of Pink!

It’s week #2 of my life as a mini quilter and so far I’m still on top of things- in fact, I’m ahead of schedule. Since I’m taking a weekend trip to NYC I thought I’d get a head start and before I knew it, I’d finished my second mini quilt. Well, in the end it’s a bit more like a pillow, but it’s certainly still patchwork:


This one doesn’t particularly comemorate the week- it’s simply something I’ve always wanted to try, and that’s the point of these quilt sketches! It was really quite easy (especially since I used a package of Bernatex pre-cut fabrics: City Blooms by Kitty Yoshida) except for the final assemblage. I slip-stitched the pillows together- though according to Reader Digest’s “Complete Guide to Needlework” you can use a machine zip stitch as well- and as you can see, they didn’t line up perfectly. Then again that’s not the point! I love my experimental little quilts- yes, all two of them!- because they’re a chance to try something new and relax on the rules.

I’ve also been working on my Log Cabin with a Twist and got a few more log cabin squares finished.


I realize they don’t have quite the same contrast as much Log Cabins but I rather like that about them. It’s a little more patchworky. I’m also slowly working away at the polka do squaress but overall I’m hoping to pick up the progress. I may be hand quilting on the train ride to NYC!

I’ve also come quite a long way on my pink cashmere sweater. Knitting with this kind of material is just… heavenly. And addictive. So perhaps it’s no surprise that I finished the front, back and most of a sleeve. The simple stockinette is also very condusive to reading/studying/movie-watching. I’m thinking of a simple pullover with three-quarter sleeves (partially in honor of the approaching spring weather and partially because I’m not sure I have enough yarn for full length and I definitely can’t afford any more). My knitting bag is a glorious heap of pink:


At this point I”m going to try to finish the sweater before embarking on my next knitting project (I haven’t forgotten those polka dots). It shouldn’t take long at all. Looks like I’ll also be stockinette stitching during that train ride!



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2 responses to “Pillow Patchwork… and lots of Pink!

  1. OMG you are making a sweater from Cashmere? I think that internship paid off. I was thinking of doing lace. But then I remembered I am not yet insane…. I just had a nasty Bacteriology test. New house soon then I can dye more yarn….. I have been slow on post… NY your so lucky eat a bagel and chase a pigeon for me!

  2. This is so cool!! We will have to see the sweater too! Your pillow is a perfect addition to our Tuesday Pillow Parade!
    kari & kijsa

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