Stitching in the Sand

A change in location has done very little to my patchwork productivity- and enjoyment. Traveling is really a glorious experience for knitters. Between airplane  flights, airport waiting, car rides and all those other in between moments, one has plenty of time to whip out the needles. Every knitter knows this. But knitting by the beach, as far as I can tell, is an underpracticed activity. Fortunately, not for me.

I love the beach; the sand, the salt water, the sun. I’ll admit this doesn’t immediately sound like the most yarn-friendly environment, but you’d be surprised what a plastic bag and judicious sitchery can get away with. Knitting at the beach also makes me realize what a friendly activity it really is. While most people read or plug into their ipods, knitting tends to draw a crowd- from little girls to baffled older men who are both puzzled and delighted to see such an unusual seaside activity. So I’ve managed to make a few new acquaintances and complete several rows of my entrelac cowlneck scarf, all while blissfully lounging by the waters of the Caribbean.


Actually, I’m being modest. I didn’t just completed a few rows, but I finished my scarf altogether! Now comes my confession. I realized, upon boarding the plane to Puerto Rico, that I twisted my circular knitting- a rookie mistake! I couldn’t believe it, and I was already on the fourth row of entrelac; I couldn’t bring myself to go back. Fortunately, it’s hard to get too down on a plane ride to PuertoRico and the sympathetic flight attendant was a knitter herself so I had someone to share my annoyance with. Also fortunately, my friend Mikey (a Physics lover) was here for a few days and managed to convince me that this means my scarf is a mobius strip which is a very cool thing. In the end, I like it anyway, and you can hardly tell when I’m wearing it. Such is the life of a knitter; we all make mistakes.








Now, I still think this one might be a little too wide. Clearly I’m experimenting with this whole cowlneck scarf idea and have yet to get it just right. Fortunately, I had the foresight to bring along a few random balls of yarn (from my stash, hooray!), knowing full well I was likely to complete this project and terrified of the prospect of being knittingless in a place that doesn’t exactly abound with yarn sources. I wasn’t sure what I’d do with these random balls, but a third cowlneck scarf is now the obvious choice- third time’s a charm after all. Thanks to a morning by the beach and an afternoon stuck in Old San Juan traffic, I’ve already made some progress on cowlneck scarf #3 (entrelac-style #2) and I’m feeling pretty positive about this one. The coral pink color is Classic Elite Allure (cashmere and angora blend) and the navy blue is Classic Elite Portland Tweed if  I’m remembering correctly. I also have leftovers of the yarns I was using before so the color scheme will be a bit of a mix:


In addition to my rather prolific knitting, I’ve been enjoying my already-completed patchwork projects- especially since this is the first time I’ve been able to wear some of them. Here’s a little sampling of how my patchwork has gotten around:


Me in the patchwork shorts on a catamaran. We spent an entire day going to gorgeous private beaches, snorkeling, lying in the sun- and my shorts saw me through it all. They’re also my new go-to beachwear. I’ve been pulling them on over my bathing suit, getting them wet and sandy and it’s wonderful; that’s what I made them for!


Me, my patchwork clutch and Mikey out at dinner. This clutch is the perfect evening purse, better than lugging around a large bag. On the other hand, I need a somewhat larger bag during the day to keep my knitting in so…


Me with my patchwork bag and antique fabric skirt which I wore this afternoon while visiting the Puerto Rican Art Museum. I always enjoy using my own creations, but when I’m on vacation it takes on particular significance, a sort of comforting reminder of home. Not that Puerto Rico is uncomfortable. In fact, it’s absolute bliss and having my knitting and patchwork with me is simply the icing on the cake.


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  1. Hey you New Englander!

    Look at your Lily white skin. I really liked PR but the places I were weren’t that nice. I am glad you are enjpying yourself, my trips there were less so.

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