The Balancing Act

Let’s just say that leaving Puerto Rico was more than a little difficult. I may even have shed a few tears. And how did I cope with the sorrow of parting with one of must relaxing, revitalizing places on Earth? I jumped back into the swing of things without pause; I spent the whole plane ride back working on my takehome midterm, and all of the next day catching up on readings and papers for class. Now, this was very gratifying- but it didn’t take me long to realize that life should really be a bit more in-between. So that evening I went out to dinner with some friends to Top of the Hub (affordable this once thanks to Restaurant Week), mentally conjured up my weekly mini-quilt over a cocktial or two, and finished it before breakfast the next morning. It felt good to be quilting again.


As is often the case, there was no single, clear inspiration for this one. I’ve had triangles on the brain, but I’m also interested in experimenting with this play between patchwork and whole pieces of cloth. However the idea to me, it’s very appropriate. The design seems to represent balance, and that’s exactly what I need these days.

To counteract a full day of academia, I’ve spent today on what I’m calling my Curly Que quilt, the one originally inspired by my Puerto Rico mini quilt. The flannel fabric for the back arrived while I was on vacation so I spent the morning pinning it all together. It’s such a soothing process, flattening out fabrics with your hands and securing the layers into place (thank you to my patient roommates for allowing me to take over our common room floor in order to get the job done). This afternoon, I started- and finished- the quilting stitches on the top, a series of yellow and red curly ques:


I added little buttons to the center of each curly que in order to draw attention to the quilting stitches. And to stay in the spirit of the two separate halves, I used quilting ties (red, blue and yellow) to secure the bottom:


Now I just need to finish up the borders and it’s done; I love this slightly different approach to quilting, the balance between patchwork, stitches and whole segments of cloth. However, the borders will have to wait until tomorrow. For the rest of the afternoon I’m devoting myself to  my Polka Dot Log Cabin Quilt- balance is, after all, the name of the game, and I need to devote fair time to every delightful project (I’ll probably take my knitting out with me to dinner).


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