Less is More

I’ve completed my third attempt at a cowlneck scarf- and it’s undoubtedly my most successful. The smaller circumference was definitely the way to go. In the end, it’s like a cross between a necklace and a scarf, perfect for lighter Spring wear. Admittedly, I’ve only had one occasion to try it out (hooray for cold and rainy Boston Springs) but I look forward to satisfying my knitwear fix once the warmer weather has truly arrived.


Though this one is certainly the closest to what I had in mind,  my two previous cowlneck scarves were not a waste. Quite the contrary; this little experimentation has left me with three lovely accessories and I plan on enjoying all of them:


Naturally, my next knitting project is already underway- or at least swatched. Now, though I’ve been very dutifully sticking to my stash (and quite enjoying it), I also realized that I might as well take advantage of my art class budget while I have it! So yes, I splurged on some new yarn. I mean, it had been more than a month since I’d stepped foot in a yarn store. The withdrawal was just too much. I was starting to feel slightly anxious; who knows what new Spring yarns were awaiting discovery. Turns out I was right to wonder; it only took a few minutes in Woolcott for me to set my heart on a few balls of one of their newest items: Cascade’s Quatro, 100% Peruvian highland wool. And after all this accessorizing, I’m craving a bigger project. I’ve decided on a cardigan, one of my favorite items of clothing, so versatile and useful (When are you not in the mood to throw on a cardigan?)


It seems that these days my knitting is headed in the simple direction. I contemplated all kinds of patterns, but settled on stockinette with the little bars of stripes every 20 rows or so. For someone who loves patterns, texture and the chance to challenge her knitting skills, it’s a bit of a surprise to realize that sometimes less is more. But in this instance, I do believe that a simpler, bold pattern is equally captivating and fun to knit- not to mention wear.

It’s now time for an update on the Log Cabin with a Twist quilt. I haven’t forgotten it despite some distractions (The Curly Que Quilt, by the way, is finished and for sale on Etsy!). In fact, many hours of hand quilting later, I have finished the polka dot squares:


There’s actually 12 altogether but I couldn’t get them in one shot. There are a few puckers here and there, but all and all I’m very pleased. They’ll be going around this central Log Cabin motif:


And around them, the rest of the little Log Cabin squares:


I only have five so far (I’ll need twenty altogether). I guess I was so focused on the more difficult polka dot squares, I’ve been putting these off but now it’s time to get back to the machine! Finishing the first chunk of squares has me newly motivated. And I’m excited by the design, a perfect combination of tradition and my personal flare.

Finally, my weekly mini-quilt. Another demonstration that less is often more. Hard to think of the exact inspiration, as usual, but I’ll give it a shot. Needless to say, I love patchwork and all that it stands for. And sometimes it feels like true-blue patchwork is uncomplicated; it’s about saving and salvaging and making the most out of bits and pieces. It’s also about the fabric itself, which can sometimes get lost in a busier pattern. On the other hand, plain old squares (what’s more patchwork than that?) let this flannel and corduroy stand on their own:


I do believe this mini quilt is worth ‘expanding.’ I love the simplicity, the juxtaposition, and how all the focus is on the fabric. I’m also very drawn to flannel these days, it makes me think of pajamas and old shirts. The fabric store awaits; a new quilt idea has been born and it is really, truly, purely patchwork.


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