Marking Milestones

Quilts store memories. They’re in the fabric, the pattern and the time that goes into each little stitch. This natural characteristic can be taken advantage of and some quilts hold even more memories than others. For instance, the little quilt I made for my parents’ 25th Wedding Anniversary which my family celebrated by spending Saturday night at the Boston Harbor Hotel and dining out at Hamersley’s Bistro in the South End (this restaurant’s card made it into the billboard quilt for sure, it was fabulous: The quilt is composed of 25 squares, naturally, on which my siblings and I wrote our fondest childhood memories. It was hard to choose- from summers at Wingersheek beach to Drumlin Farm and reading Twas the Night Before Christmas every Christmas Eve. The result: a quilted container of our parents’ 25 years together (or at least the bit that we have been a part of)!



Let’s just say the majority of my peers aren’t hardcore quilters so this was a fun way to get in some communal quilting- having my brother and sisters over to the dorm to write out their memories, ending up with something we all pitched in to create. Yet another wonderful thing about quilts; they bring people together. This was my first time putting pen to fabric for a quilt (good old black Sharpie) and I like the look- especially how the combination of hand writings really capture each person’s own recollections. I’d actually consider doing something similar on a larger scale. And I’m very fond of quilted ties these days (here I used bright orange to match the back fabric); I may have to use them on my Log Cabin with a Twist Quilt.

I almost let this count as this week’s mini quilt but then I realized that Sunday was Easter. My family never neglects the holidays, even if we celebrate them in a low-key way (this year we spent the day napping, cooking, and in my case quilting). Easter always has such a hopeful undertone, the promise of a fresh springtime beginning. I simply couldn’t pass up the chance to make an Easter Egg Quilt!


I’ve always wanted to try making a quilt with curved borders. These ones aren’t particularly well-done and I certainly need more practice (there’s probably a more refined technique that I’m not aware of) but it’s not bad for a first shot.

So it was one of those weekends- celebrating milestone, new beginnings and hopefully the approach of Spring. How lovely to have it all captured in quilts.



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  1. What a nice gift for your parents. I love the “making goat Cheese one”. There are fabric pens too that work good and you can paint on them, we did that fro a grandparents when we were little mine was my hand print. Sounds like a lovely weekend. Your pic is in Vogue knitting see I think pg 37?

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