Gentle Giants

It turns out that the tail end of senior spring involves- gasp!- some actual work. Faced with the reality of final exams and in the spirit of giving one last solid nod to academia (at least for now), I’ve concentrated this past week on- gasp again!- only one project. Well, sort of. I did finish my brother’s large plaid quilt, having settled on ties and green, red and blue buttons (I do believe they’re subtle enough to agree with his Spartan taste):


Yet the main focus of this week’s patchworking was my giant antique patchwork pillow. The front and back are now complete.


I’m thoroughly pleased with the weaving-inspired motif. I’m equally excited to soon have this gentle giant; a huge, cuddly pillow made out of  beautiful, history-filled antique fabrics. As I had anticipated, I have a respectable amount of fabric left over and I’m thinking of a bag… or perhaps a skirt… Either way, I first have to finish the pillow which will require stuffing, plain white fabric and a zipper (I want to make this  a removable pillow cover so that I can wash it with ease when necessary). I’m hoping that I have the necessary goods stashed somewhere in my bedroom at home since my art class budget is running low, particularly in light of a recent purchase:


I couldn’t resist this fabric (the inability to ‘resist’ seems to be a frequent excuse of mine). First of all, there’s the obvious fact that it’s patchworky. Then there’s the motifs- an iron, scissors, pins and cushions… the articles that surround and invigorate my patchwork endeavors every day. (I can’t way I’m surrounded by butterflies all that often, but they’re also a nice touch). I believe this should be the fabric for my next jacket undertaking, whenever that takes place. It’s fun and colorful and would result in a garment that is truly unique. I have a very basic pattern from which to start but I’m planning on elaborating- or at least modifying- to make it truly my own.

Then, of course, this week’s mini quilt. Naturally, it did occur to me to do something May-related, but somehow I was led astray (perhaps by the copy of African Wildlife Magazine that I inexplicably received in the mail) and decided to do something related to elephants, my favorite gentle giants. I’ve always loved elephants- so has my Dad, so perhaps I inherited this from him- and I’ve always thought of them as soulful creatures, calm and loving. Of course, given my limited amount of time, I couldn’t do anything too elaborate in terms of an elephant motif so I decided to simply cut out a couple little elephants and glue them onto a mini quilt. I have to admit, I don’t think I’d use glue on a larger quilt (I’d stitch them on instead) but this little quilt sketch at least captures the image that I was hoping for:

010 011

Next time I would go for an even stronger contrast between the elephants (recognize the old feed sack?) and background  since the white in both fabrics makes them blend together just a bit. Regardless, I’ve managed to combine my love of patchwork with my love of elephants, and it does in a funny way feel May-appropriate. I imagine these gentle giants as bearers of good luck- and it turns out my instincts aren’t entirely off according to a quick Google search which turned up this website: What better way to start a month than with little patchwork charms of good fortune?


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