¡Feliz Año Nuevo!

Well I ended the whirlwind holiday season with a New Year’s escape to Cabo San Lucas, Mexico. Sea, sun, sand… lots and lots of color everywhere—ceramics, furniture, textile. What can I say? It was paradise. My days consisted of swimming in the ocean, walking along the beach, searching for sea glass (I may have developed a more than mild obsessions), and drinking way too many of these (mango pineapple mojitos):

Now it’s back to reality, but I have a few fabricy souvenirs.

First of all, they sell these beautiful embroidered textiles in the little shops at San Jose del Cabo. They’re so colorful and vibrant. I couldn’t afford this large one:


So I bought myself a few small squares which I’m going to patch together in one way or another.


I also couldn’t resist these brilliantly colored napkins and scarves. Again, I’m sure I’ll be cutting/sewing/patchworking them together one way or another:


And finally, my prized possession. In an overly crowded hole-in-the-wall shop in San Lucas, my breath was taken away by this patchwork beauty:


I instantly had to have it, and I would have paid every penny I owned. However, my boyfriend heroically bartered the price down from $150 to $100—it turns out, I’m terrible at bartering. I was actually thrilled to discover a slight tear which gave us a bit of negotiating amo. Once the price was settled, we had to go through the rather long and painful process of figuring out the exact amount in pesos, but walked out triumphant—and proceeded to do celebratory/de-stressing tequila shots at the bar Cabo Wabo. Let’s just say, getting it back into the States was no easy feat either since 1. Our bags were stuffed to begin with and 2. American Airlines randomly implemented a 50 lb. weight limit per bag which we only discovered at check in. Let’s just say, we pulled it off.

I don’t know who made this or what type of quilting tradition it comes from—a quick Google search revealed nothing quite like it. There’s no batting, but the material is quite thick. I’m enchanted. Patchwork in any shape or form intrigues me to the core but this is particularly gorgeous. The colors are so strong, and there are these little wonky patches that don’t correspond to the rest at all. I love those kinds of quirks.

I know you’re supposed to make serious, life-bettering resolutions at this time of year, and I’ve done so. But right now, my main wish for the New Year is to maintain a sense of utter joy that beach life entails, even when my real life becomes slightly hectic and unruly. Sadly, I can’t always dive into the ocean whenever my heart desires. But I can always pause to breath and slowly soak in the world around me, and that’s the next best thing.


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