Up until two days ago, I was sure that I was going to a wedding in Baltimore this weekend—an anticipated 20″ of snow put an end to that (which is sad, I love weddings!)

 Any amount of travel requires me to make some adjustments to my fabric-related goals. Obviously, I don’t expect to get much sewing done—and even my recent hand sewing obsession would be hard to whip out on an airplane. In other words, travel = knitting.

But when I realized I wouldn’t be traveling this weekend, I instantly started making all kinds of plans—Saturday night dancing, Sunday brunch—and all kinds of crafting goals. Maybe I’ll finish my onion quilt! Maybe I’ll start another, even bigger onion quilt and complete the first layer! Maybe I’ll also finish my giant Mexican napkin pillow…I can be a bit overambitious.

Then I try to remember a simple little phrase: Keep It Simple Silly. Or, KISS. Yes, I know, this is rather hokey—but worth keeping in mind as well. Productivity is certainly gratifying, and Lord knows I’ll enjoy some sewing time this weekend. But perhaps I won’t make any goals. Perhaps I’ll stick to the original plan, which was to slowly work away at my latest knitting project.

I’ve been making the Three Block Cap from Vivian Hoxbro’s “Knit to be Square”, using my own color combinations, of course. I love the funky construction of domino knitting (even though I’m rather mediocre at picking up stitches) and this hat is put together in a particularly odd way. It’s basically composed of three nine-patches which are connected into a bowl-like shape:


 Right now, it looks like some kind of weird octopus creature. I’m in the process of filling in those gaps.

And, oh, the colors!


I seem to have a never-ending supply of leftover Cascade yarn. Not that I’m complaining.


 I’ve been working on this hat for months—it’s the project I squeeze in at odd moments on the subway, in line at the grocery store, etc. And I have no real ambitions about when I want to complete it. So, inspired by Soule Mama’s Slow Knitting, I’m going to stick with the original plan and take it easy this weekend. Oh, sure, I’ll probably pay a visit to Sewfisticated and squeeze in some hand stitching–and I wouldn’t mind finding the time to make Jessica’s Creamy White Bean Dip; this girl and her amazing recipes are my latest blog crush–but I have no goals. I’m just going to knit, one triangle at a time.

Come to think of it, KISS could also be: Knitting In Slow Steps, Knitting Is Slow & Steady… or something like that…



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3 responses to “KISS

  1. Wow! Beautiful knitting. I wish I had the patience and talent for knitting. I keep trying every few months but then I give up after a few rows…

  2. What an amazing knit job! I am in love with it!!!!

  3. Thanks for your recent comment on my blog! I’m glad you found mine, because now I’ve found yours! That is a terrific cap, I love the colors, too.

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