Lucky Number 3

Sometimes I like to look for patterns in my life. More often than not, whatever I pick up on is arbitrary or a bit of a stretch, but it’s still kind of fun to think about—as if there’s some underlying cosmic  order making sense of my seemingly random endeavors. On that note…

I’ve decided that 3 was a good number for me this weekend. After attending a welcome reception with Kyle at Harvard Business School on Friday night, we went to my favorite burger place where I devoured my go-to meal:

I almost always get the same 3 things at BGood: Westside burger, sweet potato fries, and crisp veggies.

But the best 3 of all was my 3 cousins who visited from St. Louis and Providence:

Amy, Erica, Charlotte (sister), Jamie (and me).

Such gorgeous ladies 😉 We spent Saturday night out on the town, from drinks at Eastern Standard to delicious Mexican food and margaritas at La Verdad (where, incidentally, I got the combo of 3 different kinds of tacos) and more drinks at the Foundation Lounge. Cousins are just marvelous.

As for Sunday, well, as far as I’m concerned the Superbowl = an excuse to eat chili and get in some quality knitting time. By the end of the first quarter, I had completed my 3-block hat:

I don’t have the size 1 circular needles that the pattern called for so I improvised with size 5 and a 3×3 rib. Somehow, despite the fact that I totally winged this and didn’t count stitches/check gauge/measure my head…it fits! And, as luck would have it, my stash of Cascade is still relatively plentiful. I may have even cast on some socks to keep me occupied for the rest of the game. How I love football.

I also added the 3rd layer to my onion quilt. At Sewfisticated (incidentally, owned by the mother of the guy who owns BGood–how random is that!) I found this green plaid fabric, which does and doesn’t match to just the right degree:

Now I’m working on adding long running stitches to hold it all together.

Finally, I kicked off my Monday with one last 3. Much to my own surprise, I have registered for a triathlon. A super short (and hopefully easy) one, but a triathlon none the less. I’m equally terrified and excited. I’m one of those people who actually enjoys working out (sorry) so I happen to be decent at running and swimming (biking…not so much, though I manage to pant my way through spinning classes every now and then). But I’ve never competed in any kind of athletic event so my goal is quite simply to complete this crazy endeavor without any major mishaps or embarrassments.  My boss somehow pursuaded me, and while my first instinct was a big fat resounding ‘no,’ the idea is really growing on me. Either way, I don’t plan on coming home with any medals which takes some of the pressure off 😉

So far, all I really know about training for these types of events is that you get to ‘carbo load.’ I know, I have many months before I really need to be doing this, but isn’t that just the best excuse to re-devote some attention to my bread baking? I think so.



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2 responses to “Lucky Number 3

  1. Wow! A triathalon!! Keep us posted about that. I too love to work out but not so much running/swimming 🙂
    The tacos, drinks, and fun times with your cousins looks so fun.

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