Binding and Bonding

‘Tis the weekend of love. Yes, I’m one of those people who gets totally into Valentine’s Day—and no, not because I’ve been happily coupled up for going on seven years (wow that makes me feel old!) I’ve always loved Valentine’s Day because I’ve always been blessed with lots of love in my life—family, friends..hey, sewing counts too, right? 😉

Naturally, I’m spending tonight with Kyle (he’s making dinner, let the culinary adventures begin!). He’s camera shy so a shot of the gorgeous roses that he sent to my office this week will have to do:


But yesterday was a celebration of some of my other loves. I spent most of the day cutting up scrappy strips and turning them into binding for my Onion Quilt.

 To be honest, I don’t know if I can really call this part of the quilting process a love since hours spent ironing bias binding aren’t really that much fun, but I do enjoy all that slip stitching. Anyway, I have officially finished the Onion Quilt:


 Hooray! Naturally, I love finishing a quilt—but it’s also a tad sad, like letting go of an old companion. I really enjoyed working on this one too, and have to force myself to stop adding lines of running stitch lest I overwhelm it.

What better way to celebrate a completed quilt than with an evening of love? First, pre-dinner drinks at Grafton St. (and delicious truffled mac and cheese) with a friend:


Apparently Alicia and I need as many ‘last’ get togethers as possible before she moves to Connecticut. The official move is on Tuesday and I’m going to miss her so, but am consoled by the fact that we already have plans for an NYC reunion.

Then dinner (and some pretty fabulous cocktails) with another dear friend:


My darling Welton. Doesn’t he look like a model? We went to a new restaurant called East by Northeast which serves tapas-style Asian fusion. Mmmm sweet potato fritters, butternut squash dumplings…my belly was quite content.

Welton had to hit the books post-dinner (Harvard Law School ain’t easy) so I spent the rest of the night with the boys:


That’s Mikey on the right, my surrogate big brother whom I’ve known for more than ten years, and Brecher Bear (Andrew Brecher) on the left who gets his nickname from the fact that he’s about 6’8” and gigantic (keep in mind, I’m pretty tall myself):


And, of course, Lucas (the only person I know to have made a living off of gambling for about two years):


Now, I’m not much of a beer drinker but I love these boys enough to get into the spirit of it all:


Ah, the things we’ll do for love. Of course, in the end, a girl’s first and truest love will always be one man:


 Me and my Dad at the end of a lovely dinner at EVOO on Thursday, which ended with another great love:


Oh Warm Chocolate Truffle Cake. Why are you so good?!

 And tomorrow? A Valentine’s Day brunch with my sisters–and, of course, so much more sewing. Love really is all around.


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  1. oh man that cake looks so good! 🙂

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