From Head to Toe

Does it get much better than freshly baked bread and homemade soup on a Sunday night? I think not. Especially after a couple weeks that have been full of eating out, cozying up inside for a nice simple meal is so gratifying. Simple… but not dull. You see, I went to Craigie on Maine this week which is one of several restaurants that has picked up on the whole hog trend. (Warning: if you’re a hardcore vegetarian, stop reading. This blog post is not for you.) My entrée? A pig’s head:


 This might look a little jarring at first, but it’s exquisite. The skin is crispy and the meat underneath is soft, succulent, and fatty. As our waitress pointed out, the bits behind the eye socket are particularly good—but you really have to poke around to get at them. It’s an actually an entrée for two (I shared this with my mom) and even then, there’s a surprising amount of meat, so I thankfully took the remainder home and turned it into split pea soup.

My mother’s split pea soup has always been one of my favorite winter meals, and since winter is coming to a close (hooray!), I’m glad I got the chance to make my own while it’s still somewhat seasonally appropriate. As I’ve said before, I love a nice thick soup and I’d always assumed that my mother’s  stew-like split pea soup had to have some kind of mysterious, thickening ingredient. It turns out, the secret ingredient to split pea soup is…lots of split peas. It really couldn’t be simpler. I glanced at a couple recipes online, and winged it. Two small diced onions, a bag of split peas, and the head:


Cooked in water for a couple of hours until the peas had softened, and voila—no immersion blender required. Most of the meat fell off on its own, but I took out the head and pulled off the remaining bits myself. I also made a wheat-nut anise bread from the Laurel’s Kitchen Bread Book:


Mmm, what a perfect Sunday dinner. Kyle and I followed it up with ice cream sundaes from JP Licks (sundaes on Sunday, we’re so original), but I was too busy enjoying thin mint and cappuccino crunch ice cream to take a picture. (Bad blogger confession: I find excessive picture taking to be obnoxious—too much recording interferes with actual living. So though I do my best to capture the important stuff, I slip every so often.)

On the other end of the bodily spectrum, my recuperated Vegas feet were happy to have a new pair of socks:


I’m quite pleased with how these scrappy socks turned out. Limited means really are the best stimulus for creativity. I like the balance between pattern and spontaneity and, of course, I love having a nice cozy pair of socks to lounge around in on a Sunday evening:



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4 responses to “From Head to Toe

  1. Now, I’ve got no problem with the pig head, but you lost me at split pea soup!

  2. I can’t believe I missed this!! Hilarious. I do love pork of all kinds and LOVE split pea soup. Being able to see the whole head? Disconcerting. That wouldn’t stop me from trying it though!

  3. OMG. Pork and knitted socks how awesome are you. We should talk some time. Im making a sauage soup right now with taste smoked pork in it too. Hope all is well. All my love.

  4. Monet

    I love those socks so much! They are absolutely adorable.

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