My Weekend Necessities

I have a serious aversion to rush hour traffic (hence my unusual work hours of 7 to 4) so I normally drive straight home from work without a single detour, park my car, and either cozy on in for the night or, if I go somewhere, stick to public (or Kyle-driven) transportation.

But for some reason,  yesterday  I decided to brave the bumper-to-bumper madness and do some post-work errands (in the end, the traffic really wasn’t so bad–I think I’m little paranoid). My mind had been busily brewing all day and I had come up with a several fabulous ideas (read: recipes and sewing projects) that I am determined to try out this weekend. Since I don’t want to waste any time, I thought I’d squeeze in a trip to the grocery and my favorite place on earth so I would have all the necessities ready as soon as the weekend officially arrived.

Here’s what I came away with in the fiber-department:


 That’s approximately 9 yards of 100% cotton fabric that cost me less than $20 (have I mentioned how much I LOVE Sewfisticated lately?) Like I said, my quilting muse is back and I have a plan that’s giving me itchy sewing fingers…

But I haven’t forgotten about my other little project which I’ve been slowly working away at and will hopefully finish up this weekend as well.


 Bet you still can’t tell what it is. It will make sense soon enough…

I also—finally!—got myself a new self-healing mat. For a long time, all I’ve had was this dinky little 18″ x 12″ mat (the first one I ever bought!)

I’ve been meaning to get a larger one forever, but whenever I go to spend money at a fabric store, I usually feel guilty buying anything besides fabric. When I saw this glorious 24″ x 18″ mat for only $16, I knew it had to be mine.


 As far as food is concerned, this is the only ingredient I needed (that I didn’t already have) to execute my weekend meal plans:


And, actually, I do already have this but I’m down to half a bag and whole wheat flour never lasts long in my apartment.

The only thing I still need is one of these:

Which Kyle agreed to procure since he’ll be the primary benefactor of my culinary masterpieces 🙂

For the first time in a long time, I plan on leaving my apartment as little as possible, aside from: 1. An evening excursion that I must attend tonight and 2. A knit-a-thon. Yes, such miraculous events really do exist—and I’ll be meeting Kristin Nicholas. Hooray!  

Otherwise, I’m sleeping in, sewing, and spending some quality time in the kitchen. Pure joy.


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