Home Sweet Home

I’m pretty sure my rear end has turned into a car seat. Believe it or not, on Wednesday morning I drove back to New Jersey, then went to New York on Thursday, and returned to Boston yesterday evening. Phew. This was a work-related trip but could not have been more fun. I can’t divulge our purpose since this was a top secret Quilting Arts mission (you’ll find out soon enough), but I can say that we basically spent our time visiting quilt exhibitions and artists—and I was reminded of how much I love my job—and this city:

Naturally, during the car rides, I knit (hand stitching is a bit more high maintenance and I didn’t want to fill my boss’s car with needles and thread). First, I finished the little checkered piece made out of my Easter egg yarn. It needed some serious blocking and the vinegar scent was still lingering, so I soaked it first thing when I got home last night:

 And it is currently lying flat on my studio floor. I actually came up with a clever (I hope) idea of what to turn this into so I’ll report back soon.

The rest of the time, I worked on this completely wonky who-knows-what, made out of leftover yarn from my patchwork sweater:


I honestly have no clue what this is going to be. It’s knit in an odd way, too. I’ve been binding off and picking up stitches throughout so that the various blocks all go in different directions. This means that it’s very ‘bumpy’ and in serious need of a good blocking before I can tell what it’s really going to look like. Until then, it’s a fun little color experimentation.

I was extremely happy to come home last night to an easy leftovers dinner. On Monday, I made this soup and it is oh so very, very good. Basically, it consists of: sweet potatoes, beans, peppers, and peanut butter. Of course, I couldn’t stick to three tablespoons of peanut butter so I added about half a jar—therefore, while the original recipe was apparently Weight Watchers friendly, I don’t think my version was 🙂 I used a fresh jalapeno instead of canned, topped it off with yogurt and peanuts, and devoured it. Even though it was meat-free, it got Kyle’s stamp of approval since it’s possibly the most filling soup ever.


Last night, I decided to reheat the leftovers in my new 2 Cup Mario Bartali pot (purchased in Princeton). It’s such a lovely little kitchen accessory, and it made dinner seem a tad bit snazzier, even if I was eating it in my pajamas and Kyle was consuming microwavable mac and cheese by my side.

Incidentally, this soup happens to be vegetarian. Now, I’m a carnivore, but I’ve been trying to cut back a tiny bit on my meat consumption. I tend to not eat a whole lot of meat when I’m at home anyway because it’s expensive and slightly more time-consuming to prepare—plus I have so many wonderful eggs, I get plenty of protein. Plus, I tend to order mea twhen I’m out so it all blaances out in the end.

However, on Tuesday night, my sister and I decided to take it a step further and eat at a vegan place called Pulse café. We started out with these nachos (topped with Cashew Jack instead of dairy cheese) and my main course was tempeh (what?), papaya salsa, plantain, and yucca:


My conclusion? Nothing substitutes for real cheese. Otherwise, it was pretty good, and I felt very virtuous afterwards but I’d still rather eat one of these:


And drink one of these (a heavenly pomegranate martini, my favorite cocktail ever):


Fortunately, I’m headed back to the origin of this succulent steak  and gorgeous cocktail, Morton’s, for a wine tasting and dinner tonight. Hey, a girl needs her iron and, er, her antioxidants.

I’m extremely excited for the next few weeks because guess what I have planned: practically NOTHING. Well, sort of: I’m getting Ethiopian food on Saturday night with some friends, but otherwise I’m really looking forward to a whole lot of blank space on my calendar–and to not leaving Massachusetts any time soon. I’m going to venture out into the evening sunshine (!) with my darling sister Z for cocktails, I’m going to sleep in and go to yoga, and I’m going to sew my little fingers off. Ah, life is good.


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